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Dale Severson Award

The North Dakota EMS Foundation is an organization that began in 2004 after receiving a bequest from Dale Severson, an EMS leader in North Dakota.

The establishing vision of the Foundation was to promote and support prehospital emergency medical services across the great state of North Dakota. The Foundation is dedicated to the state's EMS providers, ambulance services and quick response units; and it places a major emphasis on the continued viability of individual rural providers and response groups.

This year the North Dakota EMS Foundation established the “Dale Severson Award” in an effort to accomplish 2 items:

1)     In remembrance of Dale Severson for all his contributions to North Dakota EMS and whose bequest established the North Dakota EMS Foundation

2)     To recognize an individual each year that has made significant contributions in fostering the growth and development of the North Dakota EMS Foundation

2018 Award Recipient-  Pat Tracy of Maddock Ambulance

This year’s recipient is a foundation board member who gives new meaning to the term “I’m all in”.  This person is an active member who has devoted an incredible amount of time to the betterment of the foundation.  This person took charge of the fist ever Foundation fishing tournament and through his efforts created not only a very profitable event but an extraordinarily successful event both for the foundation and the anglers who participated in the event.  He is a ready go to guy who will do whatever needs to be done to aid in improving the foundation or just a helping hand for another foundation member.  It gives me great pleasure to present the 2019 Dale Severson Award to Dustin Bertsch

2018 Award Recipient-  Pat Tracy of Maddock Ambulance

2018 award was given to a member of the association for dedicated work in the advancement of the ND EMS Foundation.Pat has put in countless hours h towards the betterment of the foundation and because of the work performed, the foundation has grown exponentially.

2017 Award Recipient-


Corrie Geurts has been the “go to” person for most every foundation related task for several years, from compiling possible donor lists, proofing, mailing, record keeping; always working behind the scenes regarding all aspects of the foundation. Exerting every effort to grow and strengthen the foundation. 



The North Dakota EMS Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1622 E. Interstate Ave, Bismarck ND 58503

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