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North Dakota EMS Foundation


In memory of Tami Petersen, the EMS Foundation

welcomes pledges and donations from individuals

and corporations to help support the long-term

success of the EMS Foundation through our

perpetual support project. For more information on

our perpetual support project contact the EMS

Foundation. In memory of Tami, you can send your

donation to EMS Foundation, 1622 E Interstate Ave,

Bismarck, ND 58503 or at

Upcoming Events

November 5, 2023- 2023 Scholarship Applications Due

November 15, 2023- Brad Bergum Scholarship Due

June 1, 2024- Dale Severson Golf Tournament

About the Foundation

5th Annual North Dakota

EMS Foundation Fishing


Tournament Placements

Paid Teams

1st Place $6400

Cody Northrup & Jay Northrup


2nd Place $3520

Brent Wendel & Jayden Wendel


3rd Place $2240

Heath Lodholtz & Randy Muri


4th Place $1296                                                                           5th Place $1214

Spencer Muscha & Chuck Muscha                                               Jeremy Folven & Laura Olson 

24.63lbs                                                                                            23.81lbs

6th Place $990                                                                          7th Place $810

   Cody Cerkoney & Daren Schneider                                          Justin Flores & Bryan Feller & Samantha Feller      23.78lbs                                                                                             23.75lbs

8th Place $630                                                                             9th Place $540

Grant Werkmeister & Rosa Greaves                                                   Grant Miller & Cole Frenzel & Jordan Abelseth

23.64lbs                                                                                             23.54lbs

10th  Place $360

Jacob Miller & Jordan Binstock


Largest Northern

Grant Gottschall & Jason Bruner & Mitch Duerre


Largest Walleye

Brent Wendel & Jayden Wendel


Fishing Placements

2023 Dale Severson Golf Tournament Winners

1st place …. University of Mary

2nd place … Team Haux (Logan Haux)

3rd place … Team Cottingham (Steve Cottingham)


Longest Drive Women … Dr. Mary Dockter

Longest Drive Men ……… Landon DeKrey

Longest Put …………………. Keaton Keller

Shortest Drive …………….. Don Robinson

Tom Nehring Memorial Fishing Tournament at Van Hook Resort

4th Annual North Dakota

EMS Foundation Fishing


Tournament Placements

Paid Teams

1st Place $4866.00

Brandon Wald & Tanner Jessen


2nd Place $2676.00

Cody Cerkoney & Cody Northop


3rd Place $1703.00

Nathaniel Fields & Sheri Schalesky


4th Place $985.00                                                                             5th Place $932.00

Brandon Barrett & Tyler Heringer                                                Kelly Hudson & Jessica Hudson   

22.51lbs                                                                                             21.34lbs

6th Place $752.00                                                                             7th Place $615.00

   Mike Reishus & Cassie Reishus                                                     Justin Selzler & Dorothy Jo Selzler           

20.45lbs                                                                                             19.49lbs

8th Place $479.00                                                                             9th Place $410.00

Kole Brown & Ira Walter                                                                 Brad MacClennan & Mark Roth

18.69lbs                                                                                             18.32lbs

10th  Place $273.00

Craig Seykora & Kyle Germundson


Largest Northern

Todd Kelley


Largest Walleye

Tanner Jesson



The North Dakota EMS Foundation sponsored the 4th Annual Tom Nehring Memorial Fishing Tournament at Van Hook Resort on August 14, with 75 teams.  The 1st place winners were Brandon Wald & Tanner Jessen with 26.57 lbs.  The largest walleye was caught by Tanner Jesson and the largest northern was caught byTodd Price.   A special thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, and teams for making this year’s tournament a huge success.  Proceeds from the annual fishing tournament goes towards supporting North Dakota’s emergency medical services through sponsoring EMS education conferences, as well as scholarships and grants for EMS professionals.

Thank to everyone involved in the 4th Annual Dale Severson Golf Tournament

Click here for for information

3rd Annual EMS Fishing Tournament

Our Mission

The North Dakota EMS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that began in 2004 after receiving a modest bequest from Dale Severson, an EMS leader in North Dakota. The establishing vision of the Foundation was to promote and support prehospital emergency medical services across the great state of North Dakota. The Foundation is dedicated to the state's EMS providers, ambulance services and quick response units; and it places a major emphasis on the continued viability of individual rural providers and response groups.

North Dakota EMS Foundation

1622 E Interstate Ave. 

Bismarck ND 58503


North Dakota EMS Foundation

1622 E Interstate Ave. 

Bismarck ND 58503


The North Dakota EMS Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1622 East Interstate Ave., Bismarck ND, 58503

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